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Let's Save Money This Festive Season!

If we talk about the current scenario, the fuel prices are fluctuating everyday which hauntsthe transport providers in their dreams.Fuel issues have become the top challenges for all the transport providers. Moreover, with the changing times, some people change too. Hence Enmovil came out with a solution to help you fight the war against EXTRA fuel consumption.

Common factors which affect vehicle’s mileage are:

  • Vehicle service is due:
    Service is sometimes neglected or the manager sometimes forgets about the date. But do you know that this can affect the vehicle’s mileage ?? The most important component being the engine oil. Over time, heat damages the molecules in the oil andit begins to leave deposits on the interior surfaces of the engine commonly referred to as "sludge" which negatively affects the things like viscosity (oil thickness) and lubricating. This means it becomes less and less effective at doing its job.

  • Poor route:
    India Is a developing country, hence all the roads cant be perfect. But Avoiding rough roads is upto the driver because dirt or gravel can rob you of up to 30 percent of the vehicle’s mileage. Every time the wheels bounce up and down, forward motion energy is removed from the vehicle and it contributes to increasing the fuel consumption.

  • Overloading and speeding:
    Overloading will also increase your fuel consumption because the load puts an energy toll on your engine. And the same is with over speeding, vehicles are designed to be driven up to a certain speed. He explains that over speeding will lead to a higher fuel consumption. The higher the speed especially if above 120km/h, the more fuel you will consume.

  • Idle vehicle:
    Don't let the vehicle idle for more than a minute. Idling consumes half-a-gallon to one gallon of gas per hour and pumps needless CO2 into the atmosphere. The modern engine will consume less fuel turning off and re-starting than idling for extended periods.

Why Enmovil?

Some companies with large fleet already believe in the power of GPS tracking, but they still must determine the best provider to suit their needs. If you’re current system is troublesome to use or require constant monitoring you should take a look at Enmovil’s EnAnalytics - Intelligent algorithms that adaptitself seamlessly enabling a unique user experience with handling ever-changing business model.

Enmovil not only tracks your vehicle but also tells you it’s current status, the route it is going on, it’s fuel level and also reminds you about its service due date. And all this data is saved on a monthlybasis so that you can analyse it whenever needed. And the best part, it’s available for the entire fleet.

Also, there are possibilities that the driver may take ashortcut and turn a 500Km long trip to 450km and keep the fuel money of 50km for his personal expenditure. He might also cheat you with fuel reading when asked to get the tank filled, he might end up filling only half of it, saving the rest of the money and land up blaming the mileage of the vehicle. If calculate it for the whole fleet then this might amount to over lakhs for a small business and crores for a big empire. both the cases, this amount is paid by the company.

But now you can save this money with the help of our real-time analytics, which tells you the distance travelled, vehicle’s fuel reading it’s mileage along with its current performance without even touching the fuel tank.Helping you save money at every step. Enmovil doesn’t let any stone unturned so that you can earn a huge profit even during inflation.

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