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Fleet management is the need of the hour

From the beginning, innovation has been a constant theme in the fleet industry. From shifts in ordering processes to financing options and maintenance programs, the world of fleet is always changing. However, technology advancement is now shaping the industry faster than ever before. Fleet vehicles are no longer simply a means of getting from one point to another. They’re computers on the road, gathering data by the second. Enmovil solutions delivers a Business Intelligence Platform based off a connected asset ecosystem to enhance organization’s operational efficiency.

Problems solved by it -

Gathering data in minimal time - With help of enAlytics solution with entrac™ multiple sources collectively give us insight of engine functioning as well as the driver’scondition. This data can ultimately be used to keep driver safe and to operate with maximum efficiency Proper maintenance is critical to keeping vehicles on the road and customers happy. With remote diagnostics, fleet and maintenance managers can easily identify vehicles that are having issues and proactively re-route them to a preferred service location.

Drivers behaviour - You might be very familiar with the driving conduct of a person on your team, but until you get the help of a tracking solution you’ll never really know who is respecting the general standards you set, as well as who is driving safely. If you actually monitor them through a fleet management system, you will be able to assessor determine if they need additional training.

Maintenance - By making sure you stay on top of vehicle maintenance. As you know, missing oil changes, overhauls, and other required upkeep can not only lead to mechanical problems, but can also expose you to serious liabilities in case of an accident. That’s why we built friendly reminders into our fleet management solution software. With Enmovil, your vehicles stay up-to-date and ready to roll at all times.

Mobility - Mobility is at the heart of fleet management. Enmovil has taken what has been historically an at a desk job, and made it mobile. by allowing fleet managers the ability to use their smartphone to manage their fleet and hence increasing productivity.

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