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Fleet Management and Corporate Strategizing

In past few years, there has been massive reformation in Corporate Strategic Management. With growing importance of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, the Corporate Strategy of an organization has expanded to include values such as employees' safety, Environmental responsibility and many more. Minimizing Carbon Footprint has been one of the core criteria for crafting a perfect Corporate Strategy. Levels of carbon dioxide emissions and the environmental management systems a company has in place materially affect business operations, long-term growth and success.

The topic of 'sustainability' seems to be on everyone's lips nowadays. Things like the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are leading to tighter environmental legislation at local, national and EU/international level. At the same time, a growing number of companies are introducing their own ambitious climate-related goals such as net zero emission (also known as 'carbon neutrality' or 'net zero carbon footprint') targets as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policies. Financiers and investors are increasingly interested in environmental, social and corporate governance indicators because they help them to assess which investments are most likely to be profitable. Non-financial information offers another aspect and gives a more rounded understanding of the companies investors are interested in. Recording and reporting your fleet's carbon emissions is sound commercial practice and you can use the same fuel records and fuel consumption data you use to monitor business costs to quantify your fleet operation's carbon emissions. This is where the role of Fleet management System comes into Picture. It helps you accomplish your objective of reporting such non Financial information related to your transport business or transport division. If your goal is to operate a "green" fleet then the data you get concerning miles per gallon, percent idle time, engine speed, road speed, etc. can tell you whether your operational practices are aligned with your goals. A Fleet Management System gives you a great deal of data that if used to its fullest can help you better align your actions with the strategic direction.

Enmovil is committed to enhance Corporate Values by delivering Solutions to the clients that are in alignment with their redefined Corporate Strategy.

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