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How efficient is your Current Transportation Unit??

Your transport unit may be a small part of your big business, perhaps saving money is the religion of every Indian. But these old habits often die when it comes to making fleet cost effective.

Fleet is often the last area touched within a business, ignoring the fact that it is one of the easiest areas where factors such as customization and cost reduction are the easiest. Still there’s a lack of focus because attention is always singularly focused on keeping vehicles on the road rather than looking at how to keep them on the road at the lowest possible cost. Fuel spend is not even considered as a whole and only reported on across multiple depots and cost centers, making it impossible to consider the total impact on the business.

But now you will be able to have the complete knowledge of where your vehicle is heading, is the fleet being well utilized? How has the cost/mile changed over the last 6 months? Is it in safe hands? Stolen? As India is emerging as an economically powerful country, most of the people can afford vehicle. This shows the power of the country but like double-edged sword, this development on other hand has given rise to a most jeopardizing crime that is vehicle theft. But now by using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System you can always have peace of mind wherever your vehicle is.

This GPS vehicle Tracking can also come in handy in case of an accident because if your vehicle goes to the road, anything can happen to the vehicle; it may meet some unwanted accident or may be theft. So, it is very necessary to track your vehicle.

What does Enmovil Do?

We at Enmovil understand the importance of your time and the efforts you put to make your business. And we know your time on the road is precious. Fleet efficiency is essential if you want your business to keep costs down and customers happy. This is great in theory, but how do you actually make your fleet operate at its best?

Keeping these things in mind we carved out Enmovil, a multi-platform program, which gives instant insights into fleet utilization aspects like current location, current deployment (in-transit, idle and ready for deployment) and the amount of fuel each vehicle is using. All this data is saved, and analyzed using our intelligent algorithms which generates smart and actionable analytics that helps in your planning and decision making. We also have an integrated reminder system in our application, to remind you about the service due date of your vehicles, so that you can concentrate more on the things you love to do.

Not only this, we also list down the data such as the effectiveness of your transportation service, How efficient your field officers are in their scheduled visits, and how much time does your sales staff spend with the customers? And much more...

Do visit: to know more about us. Till then Happy Fleet Management.

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